To dig or not to dig? That is the question.

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If you’ve heard about ‘no-dig’ gardening, perhaps your ears pricked up at the prospect that this arduous chore could be ignored. Or perhaps you dismissed it as nonsense and anyway, you like digging. Either way, it is an option, and may appeal to those who dislike digging or help those who are unable to dig, for whatever reason, to continue … Read More

thegreenkiwiTo dig or not to dig? That is the question.

Brent’s Allotment List of 2014


So, I have finally found the time to do a second Blog entry – I guess my NY resolution will be to write it more often. I did say I would comment on the ‘No Dig’ system but there is a change of plan, so this is ‘Brent’s Bushy Park Allotment Veg list’ – which is basically a list of … Read More

thegreenkiwiBrent’s Allotment List of 2014

The Green Kiwi Allotment Pt1 (Watering)


I did say I would do this a while ago, but as The Green Kiwi has been so busy, this has been my first opportunity! So, hello. My name is Brent and I have four allotments over in Bushy Park. If you are not familiar with Bushy Park, it is one of the Royal parks in SW London. I am … Read More

thegreenkiwiThe Green Kiwi Allotment Pt1 (Watering)