Garden Clearance

Clearing a garden can be time-consuming, labour intensive and often involves heavy lifting with bending and stretching. You may not have the correct tools for the required job or the vehicle to transport to the recycling site. Let The Green Kiwi remove the struggle, hassle and backache for you.

Garden clearance jobs we can do for includes:

  • Hedge Pruning, Trimming and Growth Management
  • Leaf and Debris Clearance
  • Small/Medium Tree Pruning and Felling
  • Weeding
  • Strimming
  • Cutting and Definition of Borders
  • Grass Cutting
  • Shrub and Bush Shaping
  • Responsible Removal of Garden Waste

The Green Kiwi can also build strong wooden compost containers in an appropriate location in your garden. The benefits of having a well-kept compost are using your waste raw vegetables and fruit, grass cuttings, small prunings, spent plant material. This will save you money you may spend buying compost, is great for the environment, is a wildlife haven and is extremely rewarding when you finally spread your own ‘brown gold’. In theory you should be able to turn out the full compost twice yearly which will help keep your garden fully revitalised and healthy.

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