Hedge Trimming, Pruning & Tree Surgery

Maintaining a hedge can be a difficult task no matter what their size. There is shape to consider, when and when not to trim (nesting birds, flowering species, time of year), having the correct equipment when the hedge is tall and deep, safety, and removal of waste.

The Green Kiwi has knowledge and experience in all of the above. We are in tune with nature and consider and investigate all hedges prior to commencing work (for wildlife living in them).

We not only trim and prune hedges but plants as well; from Box to Yew, Hawthorn to Beech. If you are unhappy with your existing hedge because it has been planted with inappropriate plants, we can remove the unwanted species and re-establish the hedge row so there is clear definition.

The Green Kiwi work as a team to ensure the perfect hedge shape and consistency is attained.

We also offer a team of exceptional qualified arborists who offer tree surgery services including, reshaping, pollarding, felling and planting, disease identification and treatments and preventative advice and action, liaison with local councils regarding Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) and/or conservation areas.


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