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The Green Kiwi specialises in home grown vegetable and fruit growing – meaning that we can grow food in your garden. We have a written a general step by step guide which outlines how it works.

STEP 1 – Once you contact us, we will gather information required such as your location, the size of your garden, the aspect of your garden (to establish how much sun it gets), soil type and your specific requirements (the type of materials you’d like us to use – railway sleepers for raised beds for example) and what food you would like to grow in your garden.

STEP 2 – Once we’ve captured your requirements and got to know your garden, we’ll create a comprehensive digital diagram which we’ll send to you along with a proposal based on our first discussions.

Only when you are 100% happy with the proposals,and when we are happy that the conditions are consistent with the food you want to grow, we will send you a quotation for the complete service. If you are happy to proceed, we’ll get to work and prepare everything to make the diagram a reality.

STEP 3 – If you would like us to tend your food garden, we can return on the required dates so that you can just relax, enjoy your garden and more importantly watch fresh, seasonal food growing in front of your eyes. If you would prefer to tend and harvest yourself then we will be happy to instruct you, no matter what, we’ll be on hand to offer some friendly, practical advice.

STEP 4 – Harvest your food (and enjoy eating it!). Again we are happy to do this for you, or you may want to do this yourself. We’ll also offer advice on the best way to store food to keep it fresh and tasty – you may be quite surprised how long food lasts when it hasn’t traveled half away around the world.

What Do I Get/What are the Benefits?

Ultimately, you will get a new look garden with fresh ingredients to cook with and you may be surprised just how attractive an area can look when it has fruit and vegetables growing in it.

You’ll get our knowledge and expertise in getting everything up and running; from the initial design phase, to ensuring soil conditions are correct, sourcing of materials, construction and landscaping, planting and propagation, pest control, right through to cultivation, crop rotation and getting the maximum amount of fruit and vegetable varieties by planting in stages which will give you the maximum of fresh food throughout the year (succession planting). The Green Kiwi really can take care of the whole process.

There is also a whole list of benefits from eating local, fresh, seasonal foods and it really doesn’t get any fresher or more local than picked from your own garden. We could list all the reasons why it makes sense to eat food from your garden, but we are guessing you already know something about intensive farming techniques, seasonal eating, food miles, pesticides and the-likes. Eating fresh food from your garden really does becomes a reality with The Green Kiwi and is not just limited to celebrity chefs who pop to the garden for their ingredients.

We also believe that if children understand how food it is grown and the times of year that different produce is available, it teaches them the fundamentals of food growing and hopefully this will stand them in good stead in the future.

We also trust that you will be content in the knowledge that you will know exactly where your food is from, how it has been grown, who it has been grown by and just how fresh it is. You can also choose to grow different varieties of fruits and vegetables that you just can’t get in shops or supermarkets. Then obviously there is the taste difference, but we’ll leave all of the tasting up to you.

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